Wild Woman Retreat

"If you don’t go out in the woods, nothing will ever happen and your life will never begin." Dr. Clarissa Pinkóla Estés

I invite you to step into the forest and go on a journey. The journey inwards, revealing your strength, unravelling your raw feminine intuition and sensuality. To not only be a warrior, but also gifting yourself the power of softness. To rediscover what womanhood means to you, what being wild means to you. To go from "out of control" to "in tune" with your being. Are you ready to run with the wolves...?

The Retreat Programme* 8 - 11 juni

This whole weekend revolves about you and awakening your intuition, personal power and sensuality.
When you go back home you will have reclaimed your Wild Woman ✨


Settle in your space from 17:00

20:00 Diner

21:30 "Stepping into your Forest"

22:30 Bedtime



8:30 Matcha & Meditation

9:00 Light Breakfast

9:30 Budokon Movement Session

(including break & snacks)

12:00/12:30 Elaborate Lunch

15:00 Budokon Movement Session

18:00: Diner

20:00 Workshop: The Maiden, The Mother, The Witch & The Wild Woman

22:30 Bedtime


8:30 Matcha & Meditation

9:00 Light Breakfast

9:30 Budokon Movement Session

12:00/12:30 Elaborate Lunch

14:30: Your own Wild Woman Fotoshoot
"Unravel your hearts desire workshop"

18:00: Diner

20:00 Surprise Workshop


Wild Woman Ceremony

23:30: Bedtime


9:00 Matcha & Meditation

9:30 Samurai Yin Session 


Closing Ceremony

12:00/12:30 Elaborate Brunch

14:00: 'till next time ❤️


*Small adjustments to the programme can still be made

Forest of Freyja 14

Body Mixed Movement

Challenge yourself mentally and physically  with the daily Budokon Movement sessions.  In Budokon we will combine strength and flexibility with physical challenges and softing into your fluidity. You will slowly step into a dance with your own warrior woman as well as your soft and sensual side. We will experiment with animal crawling patterns and intuitive movement. Using your body to travel to deeper layers within your body and psyche. What is waiting for you underneath the surface?


Mind Study of Self

Together we will create moments of reflection and radical honesty. Who are you now? Who do you want to become? What are you running from and what is keeping you small? We will create a space for curiosity to unfold and reveal to you new paths to roam on. A tribe with like minded women, ready for personal growth and present to support each other on our journey. 

Forest of Freyja 22

Soul Archetypes & Stories

I will guide you to some of the "primordial archetypes" and share stories and poetry to help you connect to your Wild Woman. In a special evening ceremony we will travel back to our Wild Nature. Unravelling and revealing that which we keep hidden. Awakening our sensuality, our intuition and femininity. We'll create a little bit of magic and mystery, as you'll feel in any forest you step into. This is the place where everything comes together and the fire within you will come back to life.  

Including your own unique Wild Woman Fotoshoot

A breathtaking image of you in the midst of nature. A memory of the journey you courageously stepped into and the beautiful woman you are inside and out. 

Forest of Freyja 53
IMG_9318 (1)

"That Wild Woman resides within you always...it's up to you if you give her the reigns..."

Step into your Wild

Retreat Arrangement

Thursday June 8 - Sunday June 11

  • 4 days - 3 nights
  • Cocooning and deep sleep at unique outdoor hotel Terra Wolde
  • Welcome on Thursday 8th of June from 17:00 including late night Diner
  • All healthy/sustainable/delicious meals (vegetarian and vegan options available) and snacks provided by Restaurant Pomponius Terra Wolde
  • Water, Coffee, Tea included
  • Brunch on Sunday June 11th, Goodbye at 14:00
  • Daily Matcha & Meditation Sessions
  • Daily Budokon Movement Sessions
  • Unique Wild Woman Fotoshoot
  • Special Workshops (let yourself be surprised) that spark your Curiosity and Inner Fire


  • Transport
  • Travel and Cancellation Insurance
  • Extra drinks such as a glass of wine

The Accommodation

Food Terra Wolde

Enjoy the simple life outdoors and experience nature's rhythm. On the beautiful site of Terra Wolde in Zeewolde, The Netherlands, you will immerse yourself with nature. We offer sustainable comfort, honest meals cooked on open fire with locally grown produce. Pick your favourite accommodation to cocoon in after a day full of movement, connection and new insights. And wake up with a delicious coffee, matcha or calming herbal tea while the sheep keep you company.

De Bell Tent

€599 p.p.

Bell tent

The Little Forest Room

€599 p.p.


The Yurt

€749 p.p.


De For-Rest Room

€749 p.p.


The Forest Cabin

1 p. | €825 p.p.


Share a space with a friend?

Do you prefer to join with a friend and share a cabin or tent? Please send me an email. We can book the best option for you with a small discount.


Beware, Be Wild in the Wild

Just a little caveat: This retreat will be hosted in the Netherlands in the middle of nature. Although we believe this retreat will be magical and we'll do everything within our power to give you the best experience, I would like you to keep in mind that we are not in control of the weather and any other possible nuisances that nature brings along (such as mosquito bites or pollen). With a flexible mindset I am certain we will create an amazing experience together. Hope to see you soon.

X Selina


Talk to Me

If you have any other questions or would just like to talk to me about the retreat before booking, please send me a DM on IG @forestoffreyja or send me an email and we'll connect 🙂

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