In this waver "I" or "me" represents the participant

I acknowledge I have voluntary applied to participate in any or all of the online programmes or movement and wellbeing class(es) with Forest of Freyja.

In consideration of being allowed to take part in this/these programmes or class(es), I agree to the release of claims, waiver of liability and assumption of risks.

On behalf of myself, my heirs, executors, administrators, and any other person who may have an interest at common law or operation of statute, I hereby waive any and all claims I or such parties may have now or in the future.

I release from liability Forest of Freyja. the proprietor Selina Straver and any other assistant, partner, affiliates or contractors for any personal injuries, death, property damage or loss or any nature suffered by me as a result of participation in any activity in the class(es). I am medically, physically, mentally and emotionally and in all respect fit and able to participate to the class(es).

I will follow the instructions given to me during class(es) and it is understood by me that any deviation by me from such instruction is at my own risk.

In consideration of being permitted to participate in this/these class(es), I agree to assume full responsibility for any risk, injuries or damages resulting from my participation to class(es).

I acknowledge that the class(es) may be recorded and the image may be used to stream on the Forest of Freyja website or any other third party website. By taking part of the class(es) I agree that my image may be used as it appears on Zoom meeting. It is my responsibility to switch off the video, if I wish not to be recorded.

I have carefully read and understood this agreement with Forest of Freyja. By booking or/and participating in class(es), I indicate my acceptance of the waiver and terms and conditions.